I’m Fine (and other lies)

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Megan Blandford


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I slept through my first labour.


With her career down the toilet, a husband who was never home, a baby screaming non-stop and her cries for help falling on deaf ears, Megan Blandford spent years saying, “I’m fine”.


Spoiler alert (not really): she wasn’t fine.


I’m Fine (and other lies) is a touching true story of motherhood: the challenges it presents, and the hope that can be found within it.


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Print ISBN: 9780648349877
ePub ISBN: 9781925893014
ePDF ISBN: 9780648349891

Product Description

“I slept through my first labour.

Eventually a midwife woke me. ‘It’s time to push,’ she said, pointing to the machine that was monitoring my baby. It showed contraction after contraction, spiking and declining with mountainous patterns like the heart rate machines on medical shows. Beside the machine was my husband, Steve’s, face, watching me closely, complete with massive eye bags from worry and exhaustion; it appeared that while I’d been sleeping he’d been on high alert. Taking one for the team, you could say, which was only fair because apparently—I was about to push an entire human through my hoo-ha.” (p.1)

Praise for Megan Blandford and I’m Fine (and other lies):

“Motherhood is hard. Read this book. It will help. And if you still need more help, please please ask. It’s out there”
Caroline Overington, journalist and author


“An intensely personal and heartfelt story of one woman’s journey through depression to find herself – she like so many women, was so critical of herself as she transitioned into motherhood, and struggled to ask for help and be heard. I hope this helps other women free themselves of their own negative internal voice long enough to get help.”
Anne Buist, psychiatrist and author


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